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Serving Community, County and State

A Little Information about the 4/8

Located in the Missouri part of the Ozarks, we have men in Christian, Greene, Dade, Polk and Pulaski counties.

We are an all volunteer force who pay for their own equipment, training, travel and time in order to better serve our communities.

It is our goal to have a Company of trained personnel in every county we serve, and across the state.

We are setup as Light Infantry so we can serve the Governor and or the County Sheriff with all the skills needed in an emergency.

Our members are going to be C.E.R.T. trained hopefully within their first year of joining and we continually require training for different aspects of disaster relief from Traffic and Crowd Control to Search and Rescue.

We also participate in joint training with other Missouri Militia groups and adhere to the statewide policies of the Missouri Militia.

For additional information about joining, equipment, et al, please visit the main Missouri Militia web site at www.MissouriMilitia.com


How to join the 4/8

You must be a legal US and Missouri resident at least 18 years of age (We are working on a Jr. corps at this time).

You must pay for and pass a background check or have a current Missouri CCW license and keep it current.

You must be voted in by the Staff.

You must keep your monthly dues in good standing ($5.00 per month payable monthly or yearly.


The 4/8 By-Laws

1) PURPOSE: to explain the mission, organizational structure, procedures and requirements of membership in the 8th Brigade Missouri Militia a volunteer organization.

2) STATEMENT OF ETHICS: Members are encouraged to live exemplary lives. The actions of one member may jeopardize the legitimacy of the entire 8th Brigade and all of its members. We must police ourselves. We will not tolerate any racism, sexism or criminal behavior. The 8th, Brigade will not support any specific political party or candidate, members are free to support their choice. No particular religious ideology or doctrine will be advocated, nor will anyone be denied the free expression thereof, (mission dependent).

3) MISSION STATEMENT: The Missouri Militia will defend the Constitution of Missouri, the Constitution of the United States of America and all citizens protected by those documents, as original intended, against all enemies both Foreign & Domestic. The Missouri Militia shall aid state, county and local authorities as possible. The Missouri Militia shall routinely practice and make preparations for the necessary aid and assistance as required.

4) MEMBERSHIP: Membership is open to any person of good moral character who desires to join the Militia, and who is not any of the following;

a) A fugitive from justice,

b) An alien illegally in the United States,

c) A convicted felon,

d) A user of any unlawful drugs,

e) Adjudicated mental defective,

f) An undercover special agent, informant or agent provocateur.

Failure to comply with these is grounds for immediate expulsion by your unit leader.

REQUIREMENTS: A new recruit wishing to join may attend up to and participate in three training musters, to help them decide. Provided they are at least 17 years old, or have written permission and a waiver of liability signed by the recruits parents or legal guardian. Units also can use a 90-day probationary period for all new members, after that, each unit votes to accept the person, a 51% yes vote is necessary to be a member in full standing.

OATH: All persons wishing to join shall swear the following oath to be administered by the Company Commander during a Formal Ceremony. ďI (name), do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the State of Missouri, and the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign and domesticí and I will bear truth faith and allegiance to the same; that I will obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me, for conscience sake; so help me God.Ē

4) ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: The Basic Unit will be built on the 4-member fire team. A Platoon will be organized around a 4 to 6 fire team structure. (This can change with membership) A Company will be based on the 3 line Platoons and a HQ Platoon concept. A Battalion will consist of 3 to 5 companies, with a HQ Company. The Brigade will consist of 3 to 5 Battalions with a HQ Company, and attached support units. If the Brigade grows beyond this or covers more than ľ of the state then the Brigade should split into two separate units. Members are encouraged to form 4 men fire teams, either friends or by approximate geographic location. All members will be assigned to a team regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age and place of national origin, political party, or other as needed. Physical condition will be a factor considered.

ELECTED POSITIONS: the active members of that unit elect Company commander and XO. The Company commander approves platoon leaders as voted on by the members of that platoon. A Headquarters staff to assist the commanders will be formed as needed. Rank: Brigade Commander; Colonel, Battalion Commander; Lieutenant Colonel, Company Commander; Captain or Lieutenant Platoon Leader; Lieutenant or Sergeant.

All elected position personnel, Remember you are elected to serve by your fellow patriots, to be the leader. This is a position of trust and duty, so act the part and serve those who have faith in you. A written petition signed by 2/3 of the unitís active members shall mandate a recall and a special election for a new commander due to unsatisfactory performance. Any member who wishes to resign, for whatever reason should let his unit commander know as soon as he can. Any unit financial or material assets will remain with the unit. A member may be voted out of the unit by a 2/3 vote of his unitís members. Or dismissed by the unit commander under section 4.


1. All musters will open with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Each Unit will train on a monthly basis, classroom or field. Each Company may elect a training NCO or select volunteers as instructors, following the Bde/Bn COís guidelines.

3. Companies may train together any time they choose.

4. Each Company may establish a unit fund. And a assets list will be maintained.

5. The Company CO shall be the sole spokesperson for the company unless delegated.

6. Disciplinary actions shall be at the Company level, as COís shall decide. As most training will occur on private property, all guest are expected to act in an ethical and lawful manner. Safety is of the highest concern for all members. Under no circumstance will any illegal or unlawful activity be tolerated.

7. All members will sign and have on file a waiver of liability prior to field training.

8. A Battalion/Brigade meeting should be held at least every year, all members shall attend, this can be formal or as a picnic. Staff meetings to be held as needed.

9. The local Commander will consider request from State, County, or local officials for assistance or emergency situations. Volunteers will be asked for, or the whole unit called depending on the emergency.

10. Any existing unit with a desire of membership will be subject to a minimum 90-day probationary period. The Brigade CO and at least one Company CO will evaluate the unitís activities to include one training muster. The unit must accept our by-laws and structure as is, or as amended.

11. The Bde. CO can amend these By-Laws with concurrence from the members present at the next scheduled meeting.

All members will own and maintain a semi-auto battle rifle with 500 rounds of ammunition, pistol belt and two canteens, a backpack with 4 days rations for quick response, must be maintained per unit SOP. Members shall strive to be self-sufficient at all times, they must be able to sustain themselves and their families in times of crises or national emergency. A 90-day supply of dry or canned food is minimal with other essentials. All members are to maintain a dress uniform (BDUís) with all unit patches nametape and rank, and a training uniform of BDUís w/name and Militia tape to include dog tags.

New members will have a Concealed Carry Permit, or a back ground check to ensure us of their eligibility to join. Update 05/20/10.


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