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We are a organized group of like minded citizens serving Missouri.

With the recent tornados, we have once again been in Bolivar and Kimberling City, volunteering, cleaningup, and assisting our neighbors in Missouri.

Begining the Monday (May 23rd 2011) after the tornados in Joplin MO, we had had 4/8 volunteers, boots on the ground. We have joined with, and been joined by other units of the Missouri Militia, and have continue to volunteer our time to do exactly what we have been training to do, help Missourians. From Searching for survivors, to cleanup and even participating in the Extreeme Home Makeover rebuild.

You can learn more via our Facebook site and see images both there and on this site. Go to Facebook and type in "Missouri Militia 4th/8th".

If you are a member of the 4/8 please contact Ed for your assignment(s).


We operate under Executive Order 82-17 signed by then Governor Christopher Bond on the 8th of September 1982. This allows Missouri Law under Section 41 (Missouri Revised Statues Chapter 41) to have an organized Militia also called the State Guard.

Since the Local, State (S.E.M.A.) and Federal (F.E.M.A.) governments encourage all citizens to be prepared, we take the recommendations seriously. We train for natural and man made disasters. It is our belief that in preparing ourselves and families for disaster we will be less of a burden on society and can provide help to our fellow Missourians in their time of needs.


We are NOT
Anti-government or pro any political organization. We are not racist or a secret society. We do not believe in anarchy but in the rule of law under the U.S. Constitution and the Missouri Constitution.


4/8th now has a2 1/2 ton (Duce and a half) army truck, circa 1970

Lt. Col Sumpter being promoted to Full Bird Col Sumpter, JTX 2012

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